The “bow” on top of the present

I always talk about how clothing can affect your confidence, but if your confidence ended at clothing everyone would look like a wrapped present without the bow to finish off the look. What helps “finish off” our look you might ask? Our accessories are the bow on top of the present; they make everything look complete.

In my opinion, hair and nails are the two most important accessories to an outfit. Both of these are essential to first impressions, job interviews, and to your confidence overall. If kept up and manicured, they both portray an image of cleanliness, control, reserved, responsible…etc.

Think about the last time you had a bad hair day, did you feel like hiding from the world? When was the last time you felt completely confident with undone nails? I completely understand. I’ve been there! I used to be so anal with my nails; they had to look perfect all the time. I’ve relaxed a lot over the years but my nails are usually painted, and if they aren’t then they’re neatly manicured. Having my nails painted oddly enough gives me the confidence on days I otherwise wouldn’t have it.


Well, if you haven’t figured it out already I’m going to talk about nails this week, and next week I’ll talk about how hair can make your confidence shine from head to toe. 


So I just explained how nails can affect confidence, now it’s time to figure out the perfect color in order to make your confidence shine like the top coat on your nails 😉  Just as I’ve discussed in my previous post “Are the colors in your closet making or breaking your confidence?” the color of your nails can have just as much an affect on your confidence as the colors of your clothes. So what does the color of your nail polish reveal about you? According to “What nail polish color can reveal about your character” each color reveals something about your personality.


RED: This girl loves attention, love, and a good flirt, she loves the idea of romance and a good time.

BURGUNDY: This girl takes some time to get to know, she’s extremely intriguing and sophisticated.

BLACK: This girl has a plan\goal and isn’t afraid to achieve it, she’s classic and has a bold personality.

BRIGHT PINK: This girl wants to be noticed. She has complete confidence in herself, she’s seductive, daring, and optimistic about life.

PALE PINK: This girl is very gentle and caring, she always looks neat but doesn’t look flashy.

GOLD: This girl loves fashion, she’s more than likely eccentric and loves being the main part of the show.

WHITE: This girl can be stubborn, and although she still may have some innocence about her she’s balanced and knows what she wants.

NUDE\BEIGE: This girl is all about tradition and is focused on her career.

BLUE: This girl is unique and ready for adventure. She’s youthful and loves nature.

BROWN: Much like the color blue in clothing, it represents responsible, reserved, and reliable.

GREEN: This girl loves to meet new people; it’s comes easy to her.

YELLOW: This girl typically has a personality that shines like the sun. She enjoys the little things in life.

CORAL: This joyful and good natured girl loves sports and vacation.

VIOLET: This girl has a superficial front but on the inside she’s respectable. She has a boho style.


**My go to nail color is coral**

Pretty in Pink (Guy Version)

Why has it always been that little boys wear blue and little girls wear pink, and why is it alright for women to wear the color blue but it’s socially unacceptable for men to wear the color pink?

 Haven’t you always heard it’s good to be your own person, don’t form to the rules of society? Well, if you haven’t you have now! Pink is no more a girl color than blue is a boy color.

Did you know that until the 1950’s the color pink was indeed considered a boy color? It was considered a shade of red which was associated with war a gore, and that the color blue was considered a girl color because it was associated with the Virgin Mary?

So I think that it’s our society that has it backwards…don’t you?

*For more information refer to “Real Men Wear Pink” *

If those facts still didn’t convince then hopefully Gracie Opulanza’s article can do just that!

“Why on earth would I wear the color pink” you might ask, well, men you may not know this but seeing the color on a male actually makes him a little more attractive. It shows that he is confident with who he is (the key word there being confident) and again, as I stated in my previous post Looking great from tfhe underneath out confidence is the key to looking (and feeling) great.

If wearing pink is a little much but you want to work your way up then try accenting your outfit with a splash of the color. The next time you’re shopping pick up a pastel pink tie or handkerchief. Nobody said you had to wear a full pink suit haha. Once you’re comfortable you can work your way up to a pink\burgundy (some shade of the color) shirt or shoes. Trust me, once you’re in the color you’ll look and feel even more confident than before.



Looking great from the underneath out

So I thought I would do a segment on men’s clothing this week since males need confidence too! Confidence through clothing with men isn’t that much different than women’s fashion.


Men…you don’t think that your confidence is affected by your clothing…That kind of stuff only holds true for women, then why do you think you seem more attractive to the women when you’re wearing a shirt that shows off your muscles as opposed to when you’re wearing an old t-sfhirt that doesn’t have any shape to it? You may not realize it but you are subconsciously more confident when you’re in a shirt that shows off your body, which explains why you instantly become more attractive to women. 


According to Jay Borge in his article “Top clothes that will boost your confidence” he talks about the top pieces of clothing that boost your confidence in the most settle ways.

1. Big Jackets: Just like women like to wear those little black dresses to make themsleves appear slimmer, guys you try to make yourselves appear bigger with the large jackets. When the clothes are a little larger it makes you feel as if your presence is bigger therefore boosting your confidence.

2. Flattering Clothes: Who doesn’t like to look good in what they’re wearing? So why would you not wear clothing that you felt great inThe next time you’re picking out an outfit pick one out that flatters the feature you admire the most about yourself; it could be your arms, legs, or even the color of your eyes, as long as you feel confident in what you’re wearing, that’s all that matters. 

Arms\Muscles: Try putting on a a fitted shirt or a tank top. Both of these will accent the physique

Legs: Wear shorts or fitted jeans

Eyes (etc.): If you want to flatter a feature like your eye color you will want to focus more on the colors of your clothing. For example: if you have brown eyes the most flattering colors would be brown, green, and pink

3. Heels: No, I’m definitely not talking about those 7″ stilettos that us women torture ourselves with, but you most certainly can wear a shoe with a very little heel (like boots). When you’re looking down at someone as opposed to them looking down on you it gives you more confidence in the way you feel about yourself.

4. Underwear: Just because you’re the only one that knows what’s underneath doesn’t mean your effort should stop at the surface. Even though it’s for you, it gives you a sense of confidence just knowing you look great from the underneath out.



Comfortable, Glamorous, Confident, Oh My!

Do you have a love\hate relationship with the holiday season? Every time it rolls around you get excited about all the hustle and bustle, the family, the spirit, the parties and decorations, but what you hate more than anything is the stress. I completely get it; the holiday season gets me too, especially the holiday parties. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good party but during the holidays you feel like you have to “look” good (glamorous) to get in the spirit. I’m not one to complain about getting dressed up (I love it) but it’s stressful and I think every female will vouch for me when I say…it’s incredibly time consuming.


Ladies, if anyone understands how unbelievably annoying it is to dress up for all those holiday parties it’s me, but that doesn’t mean it has to be unbearable or keep you from going out all together. You can still be comfortable, glamorous, and confident! Just because you want to look nice for the holiday party doesn’t mean you have to wear a short and skimpy little dress with 6″ heels. If it’s one thing you should be focused on this season, it’s yourself. Before you walk out the door in your outfit ask yourself, “how do I feel in this?” “Will I be comfortable?” If the answer is no then take the outfit off and try again. Don’t let your self-consciousness get the best of you because you think your skirt is too short or those heels are way too uncomfortable.

Here are a few holiday tips of my own (third bullet) as well as some from an article by Dr. Pam Spurr. Keep these in mind when you’re getting ready for the party. All you have to do is be confident in yourself and you’ll be the life of the party….guaranteed!

  • Instead of wearing a skirt or dress that’s too short or too tight try a cute romper or a form fitting sweater dress (it’s too cold outside for the skimpy dress anyways).
  • Instead of wearing heels put on a pair of sparkly flats; they go with everything and you can even use them for New Years too! (2 in 1).
  • To top it all off, nothing puts you in the holiday spirit like actually dressing the part so before you walk out the door put on a cute little santa hat and let the festivities begin!


~To keep yourself in the holiday spirit visit this site to “Find your Holiday Confidence.”~



Ugly Confidence

CHRISTMAS IS FINALLY HERE haha well not really (we still have to get through Thanksgiving) but it’s super close and you know what that means…It’s that time of year to break out those ugly sweaters.

We have all been invited to at least one ugly sweater party so therefore we all have at least one ugly sweater (I don’t care how you got it whether your girlfriend bought it for you, your grandma knitted it, or you just needed one so you didn’t stick out like a sore thumb at that party) but I bet most of us are going to find a reason to put on that ugly sweater once again, but this year is going to be different! You will be wearing that sweater with confidence instead of shame! How is that even possible? I know you’re wondering, because that sweater is just so damn ugly. The secret is not how you look, but how you carry that look.

So maybe wearing an ugly christmas sweater doesn’t give you confidence but that doesn’t mean you can’t be confident while wearing it! Reading through my previous posts, I have talked about how clothing can affect a person’s self confidence and how to gain that confidence through clothing and acceptance of your body image.

Just because your sweater is tacky doesn’t mean your presence has to be too! In week 4 (The Three Keys to Confidence) and week 9 (Confidence & Sexy: Two Peas in a Pod) I discussed the importance of being confident in yourself and how to get there.



  • Accept your body
  • Love your body
  • Wear clothing that represents “you”


Once you have done these three things you’re ready to hit the ugly sweater party this year with confidence! 


If you’re still having trouble being confident enough in your ugly sweater to have fun (which you shouldn’t. Everyone else is wearing a sweater that’s just as ugly, so embrace it and have fun) but nonetheless here are a few “pointers” 😉 from the “Guy Code.

  1. Wear it with pride: Just about everybody else will be wearing an ugly sweater (if not uglier than yours). They’re there to have fun not judge, so you should do the same!
  2. Go a little offensive (but not too far): Try putting on a sweater that’s a little controversial. It’ll strike up conversation.
  3. Go in pairs: Pair does not necessarily mean couple. You could dress up with a boy\girlfriend but you could also get a group of friends together and get similar ugly sweaters. It’ll put your mind at ease knowing a few other people have on a tacky sweater; you won’t be the only one.
  4. Go all out: You’re already wearing the ugliest sweater you possibly could have put on, so why not get one that lights up, or sings? It’s the one time of the year it’s acceptable, so why not? haha
  5. Go pant-less: Definitely a sure way to make sure nobody notices what you’re wearing up top 😉



The only thing that should be tacky this Christmas is your sweater 🙂


Confidence & Sexy: Two peas in a pod

You could be the most beautiful woman on the planet but if you lack self-confidence that beauty won’t get you very far. Confidence isn’t something that most people think about “putting on” or as something that can be worn, but it most certainly is!

When you go out for the night you want to feel great in whatever outfit you walk out the door in, am I right? The only way to ensure that is to bring your confidence along too (It should ALWAYS be with you). If you’re not confident in the outfit you’re wearing then don’t wear it. You have to feel comfortable with yourself before you can have a good time. Just think back to the last time you forced yourself to wear an outfit that wasn’t you for the night, did you have a good time or were you too worried about your image the entire night to have any fun?

Gaining confidence in yourself isn’t and shouldn’t be hard. It just takes some practice and a little faith. Daily News featured an article that discusses how self-confidence can be reached. Brett Hoebel explains the three “strengths” you need in order to radiate your confidence from head to toe.

“Strength to be confident”

If you don’t believe in yourself first, neither will anyone else. Once you find the strength to love you for who you are, not how others want you to be you’ll be much much more confident, happy, and sexy. You’re one step closer to wearing your confidence.

“Strength to define your beauty”

You may have heard other people define beauty as being tall, skinny, blonde, etc. but really when it comes down to it “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” If you think you are beautiful, that’s when others will start to think so too. Try sitting down and defining the word “beauty” (in your own words) and then look at yourself in the mirror. You’ll probably be surprised to see that you’re beautiful based on your own definition. You’re two steps closer to wearing your confidence.

“Strength to accept your body”

The body you have is the one you were born with. Sure we can “tweak” it by eating right, and working out but that’s not the only way we can tweak our bodies. Part of treating it right is accepting it too. You won’t be able to pull off “sexy” until you learn to accept your body. The only opinion about your body that should matter is your own. Congratulations! You’re wearing your confidence.


Don’t forget to put on your confidence the next time you walk out that door!


Sweaty vs. Sexy

How many people think that going to the gym in an oversized t-shirt and baggy sweats is attractive? You probably don’t…but you do it anyways.

If we try and dress to impress when we are out and about socializing why would we dress any differently when we are headed to the gym? It’s a different type of dress, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t look good. There are a ton of reasons why we should dress nice when we workout (besides trying to impress those cute boys in the weight room ;))

Dress first for yourself! If you don’t feel confident, everyone will be able to tell, so wear something comfortable but that doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish too.

I’m not telling you to go put on make-up and wear the outfit you put on for that date you had last week, but I am saying to choose clothing that makes you feel fit the next time you make your way to the gym.

Certain classes like Pilates, yoga, and etc. require tight fitted clothing because of the flexibility needed in order to do the poses. If you wore baggy shirts and pants to those classes your baggy clothes would get in your way and hold you back. Do you really want that if you’re trying to get into shape? I didn’t think so!


One of the most important reasons to dress in decent work out clothes when you hit the gym (at least in my opinion) is the fact that it motivates you to actually work out. How many of you feel like going to the gym more when you’re out and about and being productive as opposed to when you’re laying on your couch in sweatpants. I personally am so much more efficient at the gym when I feel good in my work out clothes.

My typical gym outfit consists of a pair of yoga pants (I own like 10 pairs) and a cute work out top. Most of my work out tops are either loosely fitted or racerback and they’re typically bright colors (I’m talking neon). I love going to the gym, and I feel good when I’m there, but that has a lot to do with my outfit choices. When you feel good in your clothes it’s extremely motivating to stay on that bike or treadmill a few minutes longer, or to lift a few more weights than you usually would. Who needs a personal trainer when your clothes are already giving you that extra push?

How do work out clothes boost confidence though?

Work out clothes boost just as much confidence as regular clothes. They may even do double the work! For one, in my previous post, Is Your Mind Making You Fat? I talked about how fitted clothing can trick your mind into thinking that you’re fit and this still holds true at the gym. when you wear yoga pants and a loose fitted shirt your mind thinks your fit, and therefore that motivates you (or at least myself) to work even harder at the gym because you notice progress! Not only does the clothing motivate you, but since you’re motivated and you actually want to go that little extra mile when you’re at the gym that means you’re actually making progress and getting in shape and that not only makes you physically healthy but it makes you mentally healthy as well, and both of these factors affect confidence levels as well!

Here are some outfits that you can replace your usual gym outfits with:

If you typically wear a baggy oversized shirt or sweatshirt and sweatpants then try wearing a loose fitted shirt and some athletic shorts similar to the images below:



If you typically wear a t-shirt and loose fitted sweats then try wearing a racerback shirt and a pair of yoga pants or yoga capris similar to the images below:


If you’re still having trouble figuring out what type of gym outfit to wear try visiting this site to look at a few examples they give as well.

You can also visit these sites to find some stylish and affordable workout clothes 😀

~Dick’s Sporting Goods

~ Target (Women)

~ Target (Men)


~Old Navy

~JCPenney (Women)

~JCPenney (Men)

If you go to this sight here you will be able to find a variety of other types of stores to get athletic wear (especially for yoga wear!)

You don’t have to look sexy to feel sexy 😉


Fitting into your body the “right” way

“If you celebrate your differentness the world will too…” ~Victoria Moran~

Stop striving to be like the girl next door, your “perfect” best friend, or the model on the cover of your favorite magazine! You’re different and so are they. Not one person on this earth was born exactly the same and that is what makes us all so perfectly unique. The world would be so boring if we all looked the same; it would be like looking into a mirror all day.

One  characteristic that makes us so different from others is our body shape. There are four main body types that women fall into but that does not necessarily mean we all fall into one of those categories. Referring back to my post from last week It’s the imperfections that make us beautiful you will find a chart on the main body types. Since we all do not have the same type of body, we all should not wear the same type of clothes either. There is clothing tailored to flatter every shape.



Pear (Triangle): Your upper body and torso are smaller than your hips. You will typically have a rounder butt and fuller hips.




Inverted Triangle (Wedge): Your upper body is larger than your hips. Your bust is fuller than your hips are in width and you tend to have smaller legs.



Hourglass: Your bust and hips are the same width but you have a defined waist. Typically the waist measurement will be between 8″ and 12″




Rectangle (Ruler): Your upper and lower body are about the same width.





Apple (Circle): A round appearance, no waist definition






Here are a few sites that you can visit for more information on the different body types:

The Chic Fashionista

Dressing for your Body Shape

Find Fashion that Flatters


If you would like to figure out what body type you are this link will help you find out!

The second link above also provides a body type quiz!


Once you have figured out what your body type is you can then begin to dress appropriately. As I stated earlier each body type has different styles of clothing that are flattering; just because your neighbor is an hourglass shape and can fit into a shirt with a cinched waist does not mean you should be able to as well. You might be an inverted triangle and a v-neck shirt would be the most flattering look for you.


Dressing for your body type is comfortable because your clothes “fit” you the way they are supposed to, and when you feel comfortable in your clothes you feel good in them and that makes you confident!


The Pear (Triangle): For tops you’re all about layers upon layers. lightweight cardigans and quarter sleeves look great on you. You want to fill out the upper body a little to create a balanced look between the upper and lower body.

An  A-line cut with dresses and skirts flatters your curves, and boot-cut pants especially with heels creates length in your legs.


The Inverted Triangle (Wedge): In order to lessen the upper body you should gear more towards cowl-necks and V-neck tops.

For dresses you can pull off what many people can not, a drop waist dress! So go for it 😉 In order to match the upper body in fullness you want to wear wide legged pants.


The Apple (Circle): For tops you want to wear jackets and shirts that have angles and create structure for your shape. Cowl necks and tailored blazers are your best bet.

For pants a straight legged jean works best, and wearing a heel looks slimming. Dresses that bunch at the waist create an hourglass look.


The Hourglass: For tops please avoid the layers! A scoop neck shirt looks very flattering. Wear blouses that cinch in at the waist. Your best accessory is a waist belt. Jackets that come in at the waist and flow out are your best fit.

Pencil skirts are your best friend! Skinny jeans that flow with the natural curves of your body and are fitted (but not too fitted) are very flattering on you.


The Rectangle (Ruler): You already have a very athletic body so try and avoid the boxy tops. Ruffles on the shirt, one-shouldered shirts, and halter tops give a feminine look for your body shape.

To enhance your curves wear pants that are high-waisted or bootlegged. Due to the angles they create on your silouhette wrap dresses are great for you.


~Refer to the second link Dressing for your Body Shape for more details about what type of clothing you should shop for~

~You can also refer to my other blog where I have posted outfits that I found flattering on others and the appropriate body type for that outfit is labeled.


“The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of a dress” ~Hubert de Givenchy~

Can your style reveal more about you than you yourself?

They say a picture can say 1,000 words…is it possible that your clothes can too?

Well according to an article written by Daniel Bates they can. What you wear everyday tells a story to the people around you about yourself, and your personality before you even speak. Have you ever walked into a room and felt like everyone there noticed you? It was probably because of what you were wearing; you stood out!

According to Dressing to Impress: What a woman wears can reveal more than she ever intended about her personality different styles can “talk” louder than you. Bates describes many different styles and what they have to say about your personality.

When a woman reveals a lot of cleavage it tells people that she is all about power and being in control.

When a woman wears a lot of jewelry or wears big bulky jewelry it says that she may be having money problems.

When a woman wears a more conservative outfit that is buttoned up she’s sending the message that feminine clothing makes a woman weak.

When a woman wears high heels she may give off the impression that she’s not the most intelligent, but it gives her a certain confidence because they put her at the same height as her male colleagues.

Although I believe that some of these may be true, like when a woman shows a lot of cleavage she’s looking for power and control and in the sense she gets it because she knows she’ll be turning heads when she walks, and when a woman puts on high heels she feels confident because they make her feel like an equal next to her male co-workers, I don’t believe that all of them are accurate. When a woman wears high heels I do not believe that it makes her seem unintelligent. A lot of women wear heels when they want to feel good and what woman doesn’t? Even the work-aholics deserve to go out and put on some heels every now and then!

Just like our personalities are unique to us, we all have a unique style in which we dress as well. I would describe our clothing or style as the personality that everyone can “see” whether they know us or not. Based on the article Clothes Psychology: Your clothing tells others about who you are and who you want to be there are different types of dressers. They include:

The Sloppy Dresser: When you do not look put together, like your clothes are wrinkled, stained, or just don’t match it tells the people around you that you’re sloppy too. You don’t put in the effort to make sure that your appearance is decent.

Blog-Designer Dresser

The Designer Dresser: When you’re always sporting a designer pair of shoes, or you’re seen with three different types of designer purses people may view you not only as successful and put together but materialistic as well.

The Skimpy Dresser: These people are looking for the attention. Like I mentioned earlier in this post women that wear the tight clothing, and are revealing cleavage every chance they get, want a sense of power, which sends the message that they are insecure and need that attention in order to validate themselves.

The Business Casual Dresser: This individual shows off a certain confidence especially in the work field and earns the respect of their co-workers.

The Flashy Dresser: These people like to be noticed! They want others to see their fun side and they try to show it with their accessories. Maybe they’ll wear red lipstick with an all black outfit, or they’ll put on a pair of bright orange jeans, either way these people get noticed for their flashy style, and the fact that they’re trend setters not followers.

The Drab Dresser: These people unlike the flashy dresser don’t necessarily want to be noticed. They typically dress in neutrals and try to blend in with the crowd being trend followers not setters.

The Athletic Dresser: These dressers have to be extra careful not to be perceived as sloppy. They are very active and love to wear work out clothes as a part of their daily wardrobe.

The Goth Dresser: Going back to one of  my previous posts Why give up the color black these individuals typically favor one color, black. Therefore they can come across as unapproachable or depressed.

The Casual Dresser: You could be the most creative person out there but if you dress in the same style every day and never put any personality or flair into your outfits you can come across as just the opposite…boring.

After reading and describing the different types of dressers I believe that the analysis of each one has some truth to it. Although you may not fall into just one category, there is one you typically lean towards when you pick out your clothes.

What Kind of Dresser Are You?

Try to figure out which style you typically dress for and the next time you’re picking an outfit go for a different style and observe the reactions you get from others. You may be pleasantly surprised 🙂


Welcome to Mind over Fashion

Mind over Fashion is a blog focused on how clothing/fashion can affect a person’s confidence levels.

Clothing has many different affects on people and how we come across to the people around us. If you like what you’re wearing you feel great and that shows! You have a glow of confidence about you. If you don’t feel good in or like what you’re wearing then you feel like hiding from the world. Am I right? I’ve been there, we all have.

I am a fashion merchandising major with a minor in english. I think that this topic is an important topic for men and women of all ages. Feeling good in what one wears can affect how they feel throughout the day. Is there a test that you have to take in the morning, or a job interview to go to in the afternoon? Dress to impress not only the people you will be meeting but yourself, and you’ll ace that test, or interview.

It’s all Mind over Fashion.


Photo Credit: SodanieChea via Compfight cc