Is your mind making you fat?

Did you know that your mind does not distinguish your clothing from your actual body? According to the article Dress for Confidence your self-confidence is mental and your mind can not tell the difference between the clothes you’re wearing and your body. This is why when you’re wearing baggy clothes you may not feel as pretty or confident; it’s because your mind thinks that you have actually gained weight! Crazy right? Who would have thought!

I truly believe that what M. Farouk Radwan is writing about is true. If you really think about it, fashion experts always say that wearing clothes that actually fit your body make you look better than trying to wear clothes that are too baggy on you. In this article Radwan says that when clothes fit tightly against your body, even if it’s just the sleeves on your sweater you actually tend to gain more confidence. How can you criticize tight clothing¬†now? haha ūüėČ

I think that this is why I feel the most confident during the summer months. I am always wearing clothes that actually “fit” me in the summer because it’s warm weather. In the winter I LOVE to wear baggy shirts and sweaters because the cold weather makes me want to be comfortable, but I also don’t enjoy the winter very much. I always feel so “boyish” when I dress in the winter. After reading this article I understand now why I may not feel the most attractive or I may feel like I have gained some weight; it’s because my mind thinks that the clothes i’m wearing actually is my body.

Tight (but not too tight) clothing could leave you feeling your best yet.

For example, the other day I wore a maxi dress that I bought for my cousins wedding and although it flows down at the bottom, it’s tighter up top and cinches at my waist. Even though it wasn’t tight all over it was in certain areas which was enough to trick my mind into being more confident, and I was! I felt myself walk with more confidence, I participated more in class, I could feel the confidence in myself and it felt great!

We all have those days we want to be comfy, but every once in awhile wear some fitted clothing and you’ll notice the difference!

Are the colors in your closet making or breaking your confidence?

Have you ever thought about why you felt anxious sitting by someone wearing the color red, or why you started to feel calm when sitting in a room painted blue? It may have a lot to do with the fact that color plays with our psyche. Color has a lot of affect on our mental state, which is why the colors in your closet may make or break your mood.



Whether it’s red, yellow, orange, blue, green, or black colors affect us everyday whether we realize it or not. Our mood can change depending on certain situations or people but it also can change based upon the color choices we make that morning. A lot about how we feel is based on our attitude and perception about ourselves, but how do you gain that confidence? I strongly believe that it has a lot to do with our clothes.

According to the article Change Your Clothes and Your Mood ¬†by Anna Akbari¬†every color has it’s own “story.”

RED: This color has two different perceptions. It can be sexy and passionate, or harmful and angry. The color red is a very strong color; it can evoke action or impair our ability to take a test.

GREEN: This color is a very natural color; the color of earth. Green has a very calm and relaxing effect on others. Studies have proven that this color can decrease fatigue and can mentally reassure us.

YELLOW: This color has a much stronger affect than the color red. It is the strongest color on our mind and can cause us to start crying or fighting; it encourages our anxiety.

ORANGE: This color is the color of survival. It affects our instincts and how we react to certain situations. Orange isn’t just a survival color, but it is also a color of entertainment.

BLUE: This color has a very calming affect on people and is associated with dependability and trust.

BLACK: This is a very loud color. It is the color of dominance and aggressiveness.


People should choose the color of their clothing based on how they want to feel that day. If they want to feel attractive or sexy they should wear a hint of red, if they need to be aggressive in a debate they should wear the color black, or if they need to slow down and take some time to calm themselves maybe they should wear a blue blouse.

So whatever mood YOU need to be in that day, pick the appropriate color!