Pretty in Pink (Guy Version)

Why has it always been that little boys wear blue and little girls wear pink, and why is it alright for women to wear the color blue but it’s socially unacceptable for men to wear the color pink?

 Haven’t you always heard it’s good to be your own person, don’t form to the rules of society? Well, if you haven’t you have now! Pink is no more a girl color than blue is a boy color.

Did you know that until the 1950’s the color pink was indeed considered a boy color? It was considered a shade of red which was associated with war a gore, and that the color blue was considered a girl color because it was associated with the Virgin Mary?

So I think that it’s our society that has it backwards…don’t you?

*For more information refer to “Real Men Wear Pink” *

If those facts still didn’t convince then hopefully Gracie Opulanza’s article can do just that!

“Why on earth would I wear the color pink” you might ask, well, men you may not know this but seeing the color on a male actually makes him a little more attractive. It shows that he is confident with who he is (the key word there being confident) and again, as I stated in my previous post Looking great from tfhe underneath out confidence is the key to looking (and feeling) great.

If wearing pink is a little much but you want to work your way up then try accenting your outfit with a splash of the color. The next time you’re shopping pick up a pastel pink tie or handkerchief. Nobody said you had to wear a full pink suit haha. Once you’re comfortable you can work your way up to a pink\burgundy (some shade of the color) shirt or shoes. Trust me, once you’re in the color you’ll look and feel even more confident than before.



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