The three keys to confidence

There are many tactics that we try to seem confident to others as well as ourselves, but if we haven’t convinced ourselves nobody else is going to be convinced either. According to this article Your best accessory: confidence by Black Lapel lists three key factors to gaining our confidence for both men and women.

The three keys to confidence:

1) Authenticity: Have you ever seen an outfit on someone and thought they looked really nice and then tried to pull a similar outfit off a few days later? Even if you are not admitting to it you probably have, I’m guilty of it. Although the outfit may have looked cute something was missing, your confidence. When you wear something that puts you out of your comfort zone style wise you feel self-conscious and tend to second guess yourself. You can’t do that if you want to actually be confident! Next time try noticing that person’s outfit and then copying it in a way that has your own personal style to it so you feel like yourself.

2) Confidently take risks: Are you a drab dresser? (refer to my previous post can your style reveal more about you than you yourself?) It’s time to step out of the box and put on those pink pants, or wear those neon shoes. In order to discover your personal style you are going to have to step out of the box every once in a while in order to figure out what is comfortable and what is not. Although you do not have to dress up in a bright tye-dye tutu or dye your hair bright pink, it can be something small like wearing neon nail polish, or wearing colored jeans. The trick to taking a risk is wearing it with confidence, so only take as much of a risk as you are comfortable taking, especially at first!

3) Not Giving A F*** (NGAF): STOP, PLEASE STOP caring so much about what everyone else thinks about you! It’s not worth the time and effort; people are going to judge you until the day you die and there is always going to be someone that finds something to criticize you about. I used to care a lot about what people thought, and it’s not good for your confidence.This was more so in high school, during those awkward times haha but since being at college I have stopped dressing so much for others and more for myself. Once you do this you will be so much happier and so much more confident, because if YOU feel good in what you are wearing your confidence will shine through 🙂




Can you give your mind superpowers?



It’s that time of year when you get to be anyone but yourself; but why would you want to be anyone but yourself? because who is better than you, am I right?

Although you as an individual are wonderfully unique it is fun to be able to dress up and become someone else for a night (or two for all those college kids) but why does everyone love doing it so much? I believe it is because we are walking away from the reality of who we are, and by putting on a costume it gives us that extra confidence that we normally do not have. whether we dress up as superman, cinderella, a pinup girl, or a cowboy we take on the role of that particular character and all of our concerns and worries disappear.

We get to be care free, and what is better than that?

Not only do costumes give us the confidence by letting us drop reality for a little while, but we also get that reassurance by compliments from others as well. Who does not like to be complimented? I sure do! So when you walk into a room, or a party and people realize who you are supposed to be or they compliment your costume that confidence through reassurance and acceptance is also developed. We as human beings thrive from this, it is a part of human nature!

It’s like giving your mind superpowers. When you feel confident you feel like you can do anything you want (at least I do) and that in my opinion is a wonderful feeling!

Halloween is a great holiday not only because you get to dress up and eat all the candy you want, but because your confidence levels are probably hitting the roof!

So do not only dress your body up for Halloween, dress up your mind as well!