Looking great from the underneath out

So I thought I would do a segment on men’s clothing this week since males need confidence too! Confidence through clothing with men isn’t that much different than women’s fashion.


Men…you don’t think that your confidence is affected by your clothing…That kind of stuff only holds true for women, then why do you think you seem more attractive to the women when you’re wearing a shirt that shows off your muscles as opposed to when you’re wearing an old t-sfhirt that doesn’t have any shape to it? You may not realize it but you are subconsciously more confident when you’re in a shirt that shows off your body, which explains why you instantly become more attractive to women. 


According to Jay Borge in his article “Top clothes that will boost your confidence” he talks about the top pieces of clothing that boost your confidence in the most settle ways.

1. Big Jackets: Just like women like to wear those little black dresses to make themsleves appear slimmer, guys you try to make yourselves appear bigger with the large jackets. When the clothes are a little larger it makes you feel as if your presence is bigger therefore boosting your confidence.

2. Flattering Clothes: Who doesn’t like to look good in what they’re wearing? So why would you not wear clothing that you felt great inThe next time you’re picking out an outfit pick one out that flatters the feature you admire the most about yourself; it could be your arms, legs, or even the color of your eyes, as long as you feel confident in what you’re wearing, that’s all that matters. 

Arms\Muscles: Try putting on a a fitted shirt or a tank top. Both of these will accent the physique

Legs: Wear shorts or fitted jeans

Eyes (etc.): If you want to flatter a feature like your eye color you will want to focus more on the colors of your clothing. For example: if you have brown eyes the most flattering colors would be brown, green, and pink

3. Heels: No, I’m definitely not talking about those 7″ stilettos that us women torture ourselves with, but you most certainly can wear a shoe with a very little heel (like boots). When you’re looking down at someone as opposed to them looking down on you it gives you more confidence in the way you feel about yourself.

4. Underwear: Just because you’re the only one that knows what’s underneath doesn’t mean your effort should stop at the surface. Even though it’s for you, it gives you a sense of confidence just knowing you look great from the underneath out.








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