It’s the imperfections that make us beautiful

The Today show did a survey done in 1984 and 16,000 women were asked to participate in a body image survey 75% stated they were too fat and over 60% stated  they were dissatisfied with their stomach, hips and\or thighs.

Unfortunately this probably has not changed one bit. Women everywhere are so much less confident with themselves than they should be. We need to stop comparing ourselves to the models on magazine covers and the runways because not everyone is built the same way; that’s what makes us beautiful! Who wants to look just like everyone else? I most certainly don’t! I believe that everyone is beautiful and it’s those imperfections we have that make us beautiful, because if we were just like everyone else we would be pretty boring.

Like I said before, we are built differently and just because one girl can fit into an outfit with an hourglass fit does not mean that you should be able to too. You may have a different body type than she does.


This chart is a visual on the different body types.

~Next week I’ll talk about these body types and what types of outfits you can feel the most confident in~

An Essential to Life

If you think about it confidence is an essential to life, not a want that we long for. It’s the one thing that can take us as far as we want or keep us from attaining what we strive for. Confidence seems to come easy for some people but nobody is born with it; It’s developed, and one way to help develop your confidence is your wardrobe. The majority of our life success has begun with how we looked. Think about it….that job you got a few months ago, well you were judged by your employer before you even said a word just based on how you dressed, and how do you think most people become couples? It’s that initial attraction to one another. Am I wrong?

There are numerous factors that can help a person develop self confidence, but one that I’m going to talk about includes starting a fashion statement.

Some of you may skim right over this part because you think you are too shy to start a trend, but PLEASE READ this part. You do not have to be a type A (extraverted) personality to make a fashion statement. I am not even close to being that personality type that can talk anyone and everyone and even I’ve started a trend. If I can do it, so can you! Starting a fashion statement does not have to be a nation wide trend, it can simply be within your neighborhood, or even your school, either way will have the exact same affect. Walking down the hallways at school and noticing that a few girls (or boys) are wearing an outfit similar to the one you wore last week is a HUGE compliment and a boost of confidence. It’s extremely flattering when people like your style and want to look just as good as you did when you wore that outfit; it’s a compliment without even having to verbally express it.

Here are six tips on how to start your own fashion statement as told by wikihow:

1) Be sure that your fashion fad is original, simple, and affordable

2) Ask questions like “Will people wear this?” “Will it fade quickly?” “Is it affordable?” “Do I feel good in it?”

3) Try mix and matching different style types (ex: sporty and prep)

4) Display and express it (with confidence)

5) Don’t announce that you are going to start a trend. Let people notice it on their own.

6) Don’t coordinate with others to all do the same style at once.

~For more information on how to start your own trend click on the link above~

If you are looking to start a trend that will spread a little larger than your local neighborhood or school then here are four tips according to ehow on how to do that:

1) Start with an article of clothing that you’re in love with and work it into an outfit you put together

2) Introduce the outfit to your friends and family at first and even wear it around your school to see if anyone notices it.

3) Try to make your trend known. Write to your favorite fashion magazine with some pictures of the trend and see what they think.

4) Once you have gotten it into a magazine and people know about it, try to get a celebrity to start wearing it around and soon you should see others wearing your trend everywhere you turn 🙂

~For a more detailed description on how to start your trend on a larger scale click on the link above~


This video also talks about how taking fashion risks can boost your self confidence. Starting a fashion statement may be one of the biggest fashion risks you can take!


Stop being shy and show people your true beauty