Are Jeans Making You Depressed?

Rumor has it that jeans are associated with depression.

How is that possible when more than half of women own an average of eight pairs?

According to the article The Link Between Clothing Choices and Emotional States a study done by Professor Karen Pine shows that when 100 women were asked what they decided to wear when feeling sad or down, about half responded with jeans; only about a third said they wore jeans when they felt good.

I do not really agree nor disagree with this statement. After reading various articles about how depression is linked with wearing jeans and thinking about the times when I actually slipped on a pair of jeans I would be lying if I said that I did not feel the best or the prettiest that day, but I also would not say that I was depressed by any means.

Although I don’t necessarily agree with the fact that most people you see wearing jeans are depressed, I do agree with the fact that if you don’t feel beautiful wearing jeans, then you can show the same characteristics of being depressed. Why put something on your body that doesn’t bring out the best in you. Don’t hold yourself back.

I feel like most of us put on jeans as a laid back sort of look. Maybe we put them on when we don’t feel well, or we’re just not in the mood to go the extra mile that day, but that doesn’t mean we’re depressed. The study done by professor Pine shows that people should wear “happy Clothes” even when they’re feeling sad, which would mean losing the jeans. In my opinion, I believe that every person has their own style. Some people may hate wearing jeans, or just can’t seem to find the perfect pair that fits just right; well, then I would say don’t wear the jeans, but if jeans make you happy, then wear them and you’ll look and feel great!


Feel beautiful in YOUR jeans!

Why give up the color black?

The article Why Women Everywhere Have Stopped Wearing Black by Carol Tuttle states that every women should throw out any black clothing. Why would we do this, especially since we have heard for years that black makes us look slim, and ladies I know you all have that “little black dress” in your closet…

According to Carol Tuttle and her beauty profile the color black can leave you looking and feeling fatigue.

Tuttle states in her article “Women seem more attached to black than any other color in their wardrobe.” While this may be true for some women, I do not feel as if it is the case for everyone. I personally love the color black, but I also do not own a tremendous amount of it.

Tuttle says that black is a very bold color; if you are not a bold personality then this color will overpower you. In my opinion black is an extremely “loud” color, it shouts a message to those around you. This may be a surprise to many due to the fact that black is the one color that many people may not perceive as being loud. When you think of a “loud” or bold color what comes to mind? It was red right? Before reading this article I never thought of the color black in this way. I typically use it as a “I have nothing else to wear, let me wear a “safe” color and put on some black”  type of color. Wearing black can make just as much a statement as wearing the color red. I am by no means telling you that you can’t wear the color black, but your personality should be able to balance out this colors bold statement!

According to an article written by Lisa Johnson Mandell, the color black can send a message to those around you. You may not even be aware of the fact that the colors you choose to wear tell others about you. In her article What message is the color you’re wearing sending Mandell states that the color black could be telling people that you are lazy or unmotivated, unimaginable, or depressed.

Believe it or not the color you wear affects how you feel. According to color specialist Leatrice Eiseman the color black is associated with aggressiveness. This is where I believe that wearing black can boost a person’s confidence levels. You may not want to start a fight, but that same energetic, go get them attitude can give you a feeling of confidence. I agree with Tuttle that in some cases black is not the appropriate color; for some personalities it is not as flattering but if you’re bold enough it’s the perfect color.

For the softer personalities (including myself) giving up this color may be hard but there are plenty of substitutes; you just have to find out which one fits your personality and style so you can feel confident walking down the street 🙂

This video found on Carol Tuttle’s website discusses how the color black can bring you down if it’s too bold, and what colors you can wear instead.

So don’t throw out ALL your black, but the next time you think about putting it on…think BOLD 😉