The “bow” on top of the present

I always talk about how clothing can affect your confidence, but if your confidence ended at clothing everyone would look like a wrapped present without the bow to finish off the look. What helps “finish off” our look you might ask? Our accessories are the bow on top of the present; they make everything look complete.

In my opinion, hair and nails are the two most important accessories to an outfit. Both of these are essential to first impressions, job interviews, and to your confidence overall. If kept up and manicured, they both portray an image of cleanliness, control, reserved, responsible…etc.

Think about the last time you had a bad hair day, did you feel like hiding from the world? When was the last time you felt completely confident with undone nails? I completely understand. I’ve been there! I used to be so anal with my nails; they had to look perfect all the time. I’ve relaxed a lot over the years but my nails are usually painted, and if they aren’t then they’re neatly manicured. Having my nails painted oddly enough gives me the confidence on days I otherwise wouldn’t have it.


Well, if you haven’t figured it out already I’m going to talk about nails this week, and next week I’ll talk about how hair can make your confidence shine from head to toe. 


So I just explained how nails can affect confidence, now it’s time to figure out the perfect color in order to make your confidence shine like the top coat on your nails 😉  Just as I’ve discussed in my previous post “Are the colors in your closet making or breaking your confidence?” the color of your nails can have just as much an affect on your confidence as the colors of your clothes. So what does the color of your nail polish reveal about you? According to “What nail polish color can reveal about your character” each color reveals something about your personality.


RED: This girl loves attention, love, and a good flirt, she loves the idea of romance and a good time.

BURGUNDY: This girl takes some time to get to know, she’s extremely intriguing and sophisticated.

BLACK: This girl has a plan\goal and isn’t afraid to achieve it, she’s classic and has a bold personality.

BRIGHT PINK: This girl wants to be noticed. She has complete confidence in herself, she’s seductive, daring, and optimistic about life.

PALE PINK: This girl is very gentle and caring, she always looks neat but doesn’t look flashy.

GOLD: This girl loves fashion, she’s more than likely eccentric and loves being the main part of the show.

WHITE: This girl can be stubborn, and although she still may have some innocence about her she’s balanced and knows what she wants.

NUDE\BEIGE: This girl is all about tradition and is focused on her career.

BLUE: This girl is unique and ready for adventure. She’s youthful and loves nature.

BROWN: Much like the color blue in clothing, it represents responsible, reserved, and reliable.

GREEN: This girl loves to meet new people; it’s comes easy to her.

YELLOW: This girl typically has a personality that shines like the sun. She enjoys the little things in life.

CORAL: This joyful and good natured girl loves sports and vacation.

VIOLET: This girl has a superficial front but on the inside she’s respectable. She has a boho style.


**My go to nail color is coral**

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