Stylish and Studious are IN, Four Eyes is OUT

Statistically about 72% of the population uses some form of eyewear in order to help their sight, and according to The Vision Council of America about 64% of people wear glasses and 11% wear contacts.

Since when did glasses become stylish? I remember when wearing glasses got you the nickname “four-eyes.” Glasses have indeed become in fashion and are being offered in various styles, and brands. Glasses have been the one accessory that has come such a long way in the fashion industry. Being called “four eyes” is a thing of the past, and “fake” glasses are even being sold so people who don’t actually need glasses can look cute and studious too. They not only have become “IN” with style but they also boost self confidence in individuals.

It is no longer weird or lame to be smart, and this is probably why glasses have become so popular. They give us that studious look and now with all the different styles being offered let us look cute too. Wearing glasses not only helps us look smart but it has been shown that wearing them can actually improve a student’s performance in the classroom. (Alicia Batucan discusses this in her article). This is probably due to the fact that since the student can see clearly with the lens they are more likely to pay attention and stay focused.

Glasses have not only improved performance in the classroom but in activities such as sports as well. Children with glasses who once were thought to not be able to play sports due to the fear that their glasses could break, are now playing sports and doing just as well as the children without glasses, thanks to the specially made sportswear glasses that are designed with more flexibility than the traditional pair (as shown in the image below). This is giving those students the chance to be able to play the sports they like and be active which results in a much more healthy, happy, and confident individual.

So don’t be discouraged if someone insults your glasses because you both may be studious, but I bet you look much cuter doing it 😉

Don’t let your glasses hold you back!


Climbing the ladder of success

Have you ever thought about moving up the ladder in your career? Well I found just the way to do it, and it doesn’t involve sucking up to your boss; it involves your clothes! I’m sure you have heard since your first interview that you need to “dress to impress” and it’s most certainly true. If you feel successful your boss will believe you can be too.

Reading the article Dress for success: 5 ways you clothes can make you seem more confident at work by Lizette Borreli I found a few simple tips to help you look and feel more confident and successful at work.


All you women:

We have it a little harder when it comes to gaining an authoritative position over men and this is where our clothing helps us out! According to Borreli wearing either a black dress (but not your little black dress) or a suit jacket look professional, giving a confident vibe.

Even though we have a much larger variety of clothing choices for work than men we still have to be careful when choosing our work attire. According to a study done by Howlett women are judged based on what they wear to work and women that dress more conservative tend to get more respect.

Who said that pumps were only for clubbing? Wearing pumps to work make women taller and therefore put them on an equal level to their male colleagues. (Refer to my previous post: Can your style reveal more about you than you yourself?)


All you men:

Try “dressing up” for work next time and see how people react towards you.

Men should wear a suit and tie, and if it’s tailored that’s even better! A suit and tie especially if it’s fitted looks sharp and gives not only you the confidence you need but your coworkers notice it as well.


This video talks about how to dress for success in the work place, and a few Do’s and Don’ts that should be noted.

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This goes for both men and women:

The article by Lizette Borreli also talks about how people may perceive you according to the color of clothing you wear at work.

Lighter colors are more calm and people are more likely to perceive you as friendly, caring, and calm.

Darker colors are worn when you need to be perceived as authoritative and in command.

The color blue has been the color of the work place for a long time. This color symbolizes power, seriousness, and is calming not only to you but your colleagues as well.

For a more in depth explanation about how colors affect a person’s mood/attitude refer to my previous post Are the colors in your closet making or breaking your mood?