It’s the imperfections that make us beautiful

The Today show did a survey done in 1984 and 16,000 women were asked to participate in a body image survey 75% stated they were too fat and over 60% stated  they were dissatisfied with their stomach, hips and\or thighs.

Unfortunately this probably has not changed one bit. Women everywhere are so much less confident with themselves than they should be. We need to stop comparing ourselves to the models on magazine covers and the runways because not everyone is built the same way; that’s what makes us beautiful! Who wants to look just like everyone else? I most certainly don’t! I believe that everyone is beautiful and it’s those imperfections we have that make us beautiful, because if we were just like everyone else we would be pretty boring.

Like I said before, we are built differently and just because one girl can fit into an outfit with an hourglass fit does not mean that you should be able to too. You may have a different body type than she does.


This chart is a visual on the different body types.

~Next week I’ll talk about these body types and what types of outfits you can feel the most confident in~

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