Confidence & Sexy: Two peas in a pod

You could be the most beautiful woman on the planet but if you lack self-confidence that beauty won’t get you very far. Confidence isn’t something that most people think about “putting on” or as something that can be worn, but it most certainly is!

When you go out for the night you want to feel great in whatever outfit you walk out the door in, am I right? The only way to ensure that is to bring your confidence along too (It should ALWAYS be with you). If you’re not confident in the outfit you’re wearing then don’t wear it. You have to feel comfortable with yourself before you can have a good time. Just think back to the last time you forced yourself to wear an outfit that wasn’t you for the night, did you have a good time or were you too worried about your image the entire night to have any fun?

Gaining confidence in yourself isn’t and shouldn’t be hard. It just takes some practice and a little faith. Daily News featured an article that discusses how self-confidence can be reached. Brett Hoebel explains the three “strengths” you need in order to radiate your confidence from head to toe.

“Strength to be confident”

If you don’t believe in yourself first, neither will anyone else. Once you find the strength to love you for who you are, not how others want you to be you’ll be much much more confident, happy, and sexy. You’re one step closer to wearing your confidence.

“Strength to define your beauty”

You may have heard other people define beauty as being tall, skinny, blonde, etc. but really when it comes down to it “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” If you think you are beautiful, that’s when others will start to think so too. Try sitting down and defining the word “beauty” (in your own words) and then look at yourself in the mirror. You’ll probably be surprised to see that you’re beautiful based on your own definition. You’re two steps closer to wearing your confidence.

“Strength to accept your body”

The body you have is the one you were born with. Sure we can “tweak” it by eating right, and working out but that’s not the only way we can tweak our bodies. Part of treating it right is accepting it too. You won’t be able to pull off “sexy” until you learn to accept your body. The only opinion about your body that should matter is your own. Congratulations! You’re wearing your confidence.


Don’t forget to put on your confidence the next time you walk out that door!


Classy Cleavage

“If you’ve got it flaunt it”

We’ve all heard that at least once, and why shouldn’t we? We should be embracing the features we love about ourselves, not obsessing over the ones we hate. The trick is to flaunt it with class not trash. Getting attention for all the right reasons gives you more confidence than getting attention for all the wrong reasons. You want confidence that lasts, not just for the moment.

One of our biggest mistakes when we’re trying to look sexy is showing so much that we don’t leave anything for the imagination.

You can turn heads for all the right reasons, you just have to learn how first. The most popular features a woman reveals when she wants to look and feel sexy are her cleavage and her legs. In her article, Tanya sharma discusses how you can reveal these features in a sexy yet classy way.

If you follow a few of her tips and guidelines the next time you dress for the club I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much attention you actually get.

The first rule of thumb when wearing revealing clothing is to keep everything balanced. Your top should balance out the bottom and vice versa; when you wear short-shorts pair them up with a long sleeved blouse, or when you put on a low cut top wear a pair of jeans that flatter your curves.


There is no need to go crazy and wear a dress that cuts the cleavage all the way down to your hips. Don’t forget “less is more.” You may not turn as many heads wearing a blouse or dress that accents your cleavage in a settle way as you would wearing the dress with the plummeting neckline, but I can guarantee you those heads that do turn will be turning for the right reason.

Again, going back to the “balancing act” if you do decide to wear a dress with a low cut neckline make sure to balance it out with the length of the dress. The dress should flow down to at least the knees if not a little bit below. A maxi dress is a young and modern way to keep the balance.


short skirts and shorts are appropriate in order to accentuate your legs. Try wearing a jean skirt for the most flattering look. The denim material doesn’t hug you too tight and therefore doesn’t show off any unwanted flaws.

Tops & Dresses:

A sheer or see through top or dress is the perfect piece of clothing for your sexy night but don’t forget the class. Try pairing the blouse with a cute camisole underneath, and the sheer dress would look good over some fitted leggings and a solid top or bandeau.

 This a perfect example of sexy but classy. The dress flows with her curves giving her a sexy image, and the sheer fabric in the cleavage area is revealing but still leaves a lot to the imagination, which is intriguing.