Welcome to Mind over Fashion

Mind over Fashion is a blog focused on how clothing/fashion can affect a person’s confidence levels.

Clothing has many different affects on people and how we come across to the people around us. If you like what you’re wearing you feel great and that shows! You have a glow of confidence about you. If you don’t feel good in or like what you’re wearing then you feel like hiding from the world. Am I right? I’ve been there, we all have.

I am a fashion merchandising major with a minor in english. I think that this topic is an important topic for men and women of all ages. Feeling good in what one wears can affect how they feel throughout the day. Is there a test that you have to take in the morning, or a job interview to go to in the afternoon? Dress to impress not only the people you will be meeting but yourself, and you’ll ace that test, or interview.

It’s all Mind over Fashion.


Photo Credit: SodanieChea via Compfight cc