An Essential to Life

If you think about it confidence is an essential to life, not a want that we long for. It’s the one thing that can take us as far as we want or keep us from attaining what we strive for. Confidence seems to come easy for some people but nobody is born with it; It’s developed, and one way to help develop your confidence is your wardrobe. The majority of our life success has begun with how we looked. Think about it….that job you got a few months ago, well you were judged by your employer before you even said a word just based on how you dressed, and how do you think most people become couples? It’s that initial attraction to one another. Am I wrong?

There are numerous factors that can help a person develop self confidence, but one that I’m going to talk about includes starting a fashion statement.

Some of you may skim right over this part because you think you are too shy to start a trend, but PLEASE READ this part. You do not have to be a type A (extraverted) personality to make a fashion statement. I am not even close to being that personality type that can talk anyone and everyone and even I’ve started a trend. If I can do it, so can you! Starting a fashion statement does not have to be a nation wide trend, it can simply be within your neighborhood, or even your school, either way will have the exact same affect. Walking down the hallways at school and noticing that a few girls (or boys) are wearing an outfit similar to the one you wore last week is a HUGE compliment and a boost of confidence. It’s extremely flattering when people like your style and want to look just as good as you did when you wore that outfit; it’s a compliment without even having to verbally express it.

Here are six tips on how to start your own fashion statement as told by wikihow:

1) Be sure that your fashion fad is original, simple, and affordable

2) Ask questions like “Will people wear this?” “Will it fade quickly?” “Is it affordable?” “Do I feel good in it?”

3) Try mix and matching different style types (ex: sporty and prep)

4) Display and express it (with confidence)

5) Don’t announce that you are going to start a trend. Let people notice it on their own.

6) Don’t coordinate with others to all do the same style at once.

~For more information on how to start your own trend click on the link above~

If you are looking to start a trend that will spread a little larger than your local neighborhood or school then here are four tips according to ehow on how to do that:

1) Start with an article of clothing that you’re in love with and work it into an outfit you put together

2) Introduce the outfit to your friends and family at first and even wear it around your school to see if anyone notices it.

3) Try to make your trend known. Write to your favorite fashion magazine with some pictures of the trend and see what they think.

4) Once you have gotten it into a magazine and people know about it, try to get a celebrity to start wearing it around and soon you should see others wearing your trend everywhere you turn 🙂

~For a more detailed description on how to start your trend on a larger scale click on the link above~


This video also talks about how taking fashion risks can boost your self confidence. Starting a fashion statement may be one of the biggest fashion risks you can take!


Stop being shy and show people your true beauty


Stylish and Studious are IN, Four Eyes is OUT

Statistically about 72% of the population uses some form of eyewear in order to help their sight, and according to The Vision Council of America about 64% of people wear glasses and 11% wear contacts.

Since when did glasses become stylish? I remember when wearing glasses got you the nickname “four-eyes.” Glasses have indeed become in fashion and are being offered in various styles, and brands. Glasses have been the one accessory that has come such a long way in the fashion industry. Being called “four eyes” is a thing of the past, and “fake” glasses are even being sold so people who don’t actually need glasses can look cute and studious too. They not only have become “IN” with style but they also boost self confidence in individuals.

It is no longer weird or lame to be smart, and this is probably why glasses have become so popular. They give us that studious look and now with all the different styles being offered let us look cute too. Wearing glasses not only helps us look smart but it has been shown that wearing them can actually improve a student’s performance in the classroom. (Alicia Batucan discusses this in her article). This is probably due to the fact that since the student can see clearly with the lens they are more likely to pay attention and stay focused.

Glasses have not only improved performance in the classroom but in activities such as sports as well. Children with glasses who once were thought to not be able to play sports due to the fear that their glasses could break, are now playing sports and doing just as well as the children without glasses, thanks to the specially made sportswear glasses that are designed with more flexibility than the traditional pair (as shown in the image below). This is giving those students the chance to be able to play the sports they like and be active which results in a much more healthy, happy, and confident individual.

So don’t be discouraged if someone insults your glasses because you both may be studious, but I bet you look much cuter doing it 😉

Don’t let your glasses hold you back!


Climbing the ladder of success

Have you ever thought about moving up the ladder in your career? Well I found just the way to do it, and it doesn’t involve sucking up to your boss; it involves your clothes! I’m sure you have heard since your first interview that you need to “dress to impress” and it’s most certainly true. If you feel successful your boss will believe you can be too.

Reading the article Dress for success: 5 ways you clothes can make you seem more confident at work by Lizette Borreli I found a few simple tips to help you look and feel more confident and successful at work.


All you women:

We have it a little harder when it comes to gaining an authoritative position over men and this is where our clothing helps us out! According to Borreli wearing either a black dress (but not your little black dress) or a suit jacket look professional, giving a confident vibe.

Even though we have a much larger variety of clothing choices for work than men we still have to be careful when choosing our work attire. According to a study done by Howlett women are judged based on what they wear to work and women that dress more conservative tend to get more respect.

Who said that pumps were only for clubbing? Wearing pumps to work make women taller and therefore put them on an equal level to their male colleagues. (Refer to my previous post: Can your style reveal more about you than you yourself?)


All you men:

Try “dressing up” for work next time and see how people react towards you.

Men should wear a suit and tie, and if it’s tailored that’s even better! A suit and tie especially if it’s fitted looks sharp and gives not only you the confidence you need but your coworkers notice it as well.


This video talks about how to dress for success in the work place, and a few Do’s and Don’ts that should be noted.

–Click “video” to get to the link–


This goes for both men and women:

The article by Lizette Borreli also talks about how people may perceive you according to the color of clothing you wear at work.

Lighter colors are more calm and people are more likely to perceive you as friendly, caring, and calm.

Darker colors are worn when you need to be perceived as authoritative and in command.

The color blue has been the color of the work place for a long time. This color symbolizes power, seriousness, and is calming not only to you but your colleagues as well.

For a more in depth explanation about how colors affect a person’s mood/attitude refer to my previous post Are the colors in your closet making or breaking your mood?


The three keys to confidence

There are many tactics that we try to seem confident to others as well as ourselves, but if we haven’t convinced ourselves nobody else is going to be convinced either. According to this article Your best accessory: confidence by Black Lapel lists three key factors to gaining our confidence for both men and women.

The three keys to confidence:

1) Authenticity: Have you ever seen an outfit on someone and thought they looked really nice and then tried to pull a similar outfit off a few days later? Even if you are not admitting to it you probably have, I’m guilty of it. Although the outfit may have looked cute something was missing, your confidence. When you wear something that puts you out of your comfort zone style wise you feel self-conscious and tend to second guess yourself. You can’t do that if you want to actually be confident! Next time try noticing that person’s outfit and then copying it in a way that has your own personal style to it so you feel like yourself.

2) Confidently take risks: Are you a drab dresser? (refer to my previous post can your style reveal more about you than you yourself?) It’s time to step out of the box and put on those pink pants, or wear those neon shoes. In order to discover your personal style you are going to have to step out of the box every once in a while in order to figure out what is comfortable and what is not. Although you do not have to dress up in a bright tye-dye tutu or dye your hair bright pink, it can be something small like wearing neon nail polish, or wearing colored jeans. The trick to taking a risk is wearing it with confidence, so only take as much of a risk as you are comfortable taking, especially at first!

3) Not Giving A F*** (NGAF): STOP, PLEASE STOP caring so much about what everyone else thinks about you! It’s not worth the time and effort; people are going to judge you until the day you die and there is always going to be someone that finds something to criticize you about. I used to care a lot about what people thought, and it’s not good for your confidence.This was more so in high school, during those awkward times haha but since being at college I have stopped dressing so much for others and more for myself. Once you do this you will be so much happier and so much more confident, because if YOU feel good in what you are wearing your confidence will shine through 🙂




Can you give your mind superpowers?



It’s that time of year when you get to be anyone but yourself; but why would you want to be anyone but yourself? because who is better than you, am I right?

Although you as an individual are wonderfully unique it is fun to be able to dress up and become someone else for a night (or two for all those college kids) but why does everyone love doing it so much? I believe it is because we are walking away from the reality of who we are, and by putting on a costume it gives us that extra confidence that we normally do not have. whether we dress up as superman, cinderella, a pinup girl, or a cowboy we take on the role of that particular character and all of our concerns and worries disappear.

We get to be care free, and what is better than that?

Not only do costumes give us the confidence by letting us drop reality for a little while, but we also get that reassurance by compliments from others as well. Who does not like to be complimented? I sure do! So when you walk into a room, or a party and people realize who you are supposed to be or they compliment your costume that confidence through reassurance and acceptance is also developed. We as human beings thrive from this, it is a part of human nature!

It’s like giving your mind superpowers. When you feel confident you feel like you can do anything you want (at least I do) and that in my opinion is a wonderful feeling!

Halloween is a great holiday not only because you get to dress up and eat all the candy you want, but because your confidence levels are probably hitting the roof!

So do not only dress your body up for Halloween, dress up your mind as well!


Can your style reveal more about you than you yourself?

They say a picture can say 1,000 words…is it possible that your clothes can too?

Well according to an article written by Daniel Bates they can. What you wear everyday tells a story to the people around you about yourself, and your personality before you even speak. Have you ever walked into a room and felt like everyone there noticed you? It was probably because of what you were wearing; you stood out!

According to Dressing to Impress: What a woman wears can reveal more than she ever intended about her personality different styles can “talk” louder than you. Bates describes many different styles and what they have to say about your personality.

When a woman reveals a lot of cleavage it tells people that she is all about power and being in control.

When a woman wears a lot of jewelry or wears big bulky jewelry it says that she may be having money problems.

When a woman wears a more conservative outfit that is buttoned up she’s sending the message that feminine clothing makes a woman weak.

When a woman wears high heels she may give off the impression that she’s not the most intelligent, but it gives her a certain confidence because they put her at the same height as her male colleagues.

Although I believe that some of these may be true, like when a woman shows a lot of cleavage she’s looking for power and control and in the sense she gets it because she knows she’ll be turning heads when she walks, and when a woman puts on high heels she feels confident because they make her feel like an equal next to her male co-workers, I don’t believe that all of them are accurate. When a woman wears high heels I do not believe that it makes her seem unintelligent. A lot of women wear heels when they want to feel good and what woman doesn’t? Even the work-aholics deserve to go out and put on some heels every now and then!

Just like our personalities are unique to us, we all have a unique style in which we dress as well. I would describe our clothing or style as the personality that everyone can “see” whether they know us or not. Based on the article Clothes Psychology: Your clothing tells others about who you are and who you want to be there are different types of dressers. They include:

The Sloppy Dresser: When you do not look put together, like your clothes are wrinkled, stained, or just don’t match it tells the people around you that you’re sloppy too. You don’t put in the effort to make sure that your appearance is decent.

Blog-Designer Dresser

The Designer Dresser: When you’re always sporting a designer pair of shoes, or you’re seen with three different types of designer purses people may view you not only as successful and put together but materialistic as well.

The Skimpy Dresser: These people are looking for the attention. Like I mentioned earlier in this post women that wear the tight clothing, and are revealing cleavage every chance they get, want a sense of power, which sends the message that they are insecure and need that attention in order to validate themselves.

The Business Casual Dresser: This individual shows off a certain confidence especially in the work field and earns the respect of their co-workers.

The Flashy Dresser: These people like to be noticed! They want others to see their fun side and they try to show it with their accessories. Maybe they’ll wear red lipstick with an all black outfit, or they’ll put on a pair of bright orange jeans, either way these people get noticed for their flashy style, and the fact that they’re trend setters not followers.

The Drab Dresser: These people unlike the flashy dresser don’t necessarily want to be noticed. They typically dress in neutrals and try to blend in with the crowd being trend followers not setters.

The Athletic Dresser: These dressers have to be extra careful not to be perceived as sloppy. They are very active and love to wear work out clothes as a part of their daily wardrobe.

The Goth Dresser: Going back to one of  my previous posts Why give up the color black these individuals typically favor one color, black. Therefore they can come across as unapproachable or depressed.

The Casual Dresser: You could be the most creative person out there but if you dress in the same style every day and never put any personality or flair into your outfits you can come across as just the opposite…boring.

After reading and describing the different types of dressers I believe that the analysis of each one has some truth to it. Although you may not fall into just one category, there is one you typically lean towards when you pick out your clothes.

What Kind of Dresser Are You?

Try to figure out which style you typically dress for and the next time you’re picking an outfit go for a different style and observe the reactions you get from others. You may be pleasantly surprised 🙂


Is your mind making you fat?

Did you know that your mind does not distinguish your clothing from your actual body? According to the article Dress for Confidence your self-confidence is mental and your mind can not tell the difference between the clothes you’re wearing and your body. This is why when you’re wearing baggy clothes you may not feel as pretty or confident; it’s because your mind thinks that you have actually gained weight! Crazy right? Who would have thought!

I truly believe that what M. Farouk Radwan is writing about is true. If you really think about it, fashion experts always say that wearing clothes that actually fit your body make you look better than trying to wear clothes that are too baggy on you. In this article Radwan says that when clothes fit tightly against your body, even if it’s just the sleeves on your sweater you actually tend to gain more confidence. How can you criticize tight clothing now? haha 😉

I think that this is why I feel the most confident during the summer months. I am always wearing clothes that actually “fit” me in the summer because it’s warm weather. In the winter I LOVE to wear baggy shirts and sweaters because the cold weather makes me want to be comfortable, but I also don’t enjoy the winter very much. I always feel so “boyish” when I dress in the winter. After reading this article I understand now why I may not feel the most attractive or I may feel like I have gained some weight; it’s because my mind thinks that the clothes i’m wearing actually is my body.

Tight (but not too tight) clothing could leave you feeling your best yet.

For example, the other day I wore a maxi dress that I bought for my cousins wedding and although it flows down at the bottom, it’s tighter up top and cinches at my waist. Even though it wasn’t tight all over it was in certain areas which was enough to trick my mind into being more confident, and I was! I felt myself walk with more confidence, I participated more in class, I could feel the confidence in myself and it felt great!

We all have those days we want to be comfy, but every once in awhile wear some fitted clothing and you’ll notice the difference!

Are the colors in your closet making or breaking your confidence?

Have you ever thought about why you felt anxious sitting by someone wearing the color red, or why you started to feel calm when sitting in a room painted blue? It may have a lot to do with the fact that color plays with our psyche. Color has a lot of affect on our mental state, which is why the colors in your closet may make or break your mood.



Whether it’s red, yellow, orange, blue, green, or black colors affect us everyday whether we realize it or not. Our mood can change depending on certain situations or people but it also can change based upon the color choices we make that morning. A lot about how we feel is based on our attitude and perception about ourselves, but how do you gain that confidence? I strongly believe that it has a lot to do with our clothes.

According to the article Change Your Clothes and Your Mood  by Anna Akbari every color has it’s own “story.”

RED: This color has two different perceptions. It can be sexy and passionate, or harmful and angry. The color red is a very strong color; it can evoke action or impair our ability to take a test.

GREEN: This color is a very natural color; the color of earth. Green has a very calm and relaxing effect on others. Studies have proven that this color can decrease fatigue and can mentally reassure us.

YELLOW: This color has a much stronger affect than the color red. It is the strongest color on our mind and can cause us to start crying or fighting; it encourages our anxiety.

ORANGE: This color is the color of survival. It affects our instincts and how we react to certain situations. Orange isn’t just a survival color, but it is also a color of entertainment.

BLUE: This color has a very calming affect on people and is associated with dependability and trust.

BLACK: This is a very loud color. It is the color of dominance and aggressiveness.


People should choose the color of their clothing based on how they want to feel that day. If they want to feel attractive or sexy they should wear a hint of red, if they need to be aggressive in a debate they should wear the color black, or if they need to slow down and take some time to calm themselves maybe they should wear a blue blouse.

So whatever mood YOU need to be in that day, pick the appropriate color!


Are Jeans Making You Depressed?

Rumor has it that jeans are associated with depression.

How is that possible when more than half of women own an average of eight pairs?

According to the article The Link Between Clothing Choices and Emotional States a study done by Professor Karen Pine shows that when 100 women were asked what they decided to wear when feeling sad or down, about half responded with jeans; only about a third said they wore jeans when they felt good.

I do not really agree nor disagree with this statement. After reading various articles about how depression is linked with wearing jeans and thinking about the times when I actually slipped on a pair of jeans I would be lying if I said that I did not feel the best or the prettiest that day, but I also would not say that I was depressed by any means.

Although I don’t necessarily agree with the fact that most people you see wearing jeans are depressed, I do agree with the fact that if you don’t feel beautiful wearing jeans, then you can show the same characteristics of being depressed. Why put something on your body that doesn’t bring out the best in you. Don’t hold yourself back.

I feel like most of us put on jeans as a laid back sort of look. Maybe we put them on when we don’t feel well, or we’re just not in the mood to go the extra mile that day, but that doesn’t mean we’re depressed. The study done by professor Pine shows that people should wear “happy Clothes” even when they’re feeling sad, which would mean losing the jeans. In my opinion, I believe that every person has their own style. Some people may hate wearing jeans, or just can’t seem to find the perfect pair that fits just right; well, then I would say don’t wear the jeans, but if jeans make you happy, then wear them and you’ll look and feel great!


Feel beautiful in YOUR jeans!

Why give up the color black?

The article Why Women Everywhere Have Stopped Wearing Black by Carol Tuttle states that every women should throw out any black clothing. Why would we do this, especially since we have heard for years that black makes us look slim, and ladies I know you all have that “little black dress” in your closet…

According to Carol Tuttle and her beauty profile the color black can leave you looking and feeling fatigue.

Tuttle states in her article “Women seem more attached to black than any other color in their wardrobe.” While this may be true for some women, I do not feel as if it is the case for everyone. I personally love the color black, but I also do not own a tremendous amount of it.

Tuttle says that black is a very bold color; if you are not a bold personality then this color will overpower you. In my opinion black is an extremely “loud” color, it shouts a message to those around you. This may be a surprise to many due to the fact that black is the one color that many people may not perceive as being loud. When you think of a “loud” or bold color what comes to mind? It was red right? Before reading this article I never thought of the color black in this way. I typically use it as a “I have nothing else to wear, let me wear a “safe” color and put on some black”  type of color. Wearing black can make just as much a statement as wearing the color red. I am by no means telling you that you can’t wear the color black, but your personality should be able to balance out this colors bold statement!

According to an article written by Lisa Johnson Mandell, the color black can send a message to those around you. You may not even be aware of the fact that the colors you choose to wear tell others about you. In her article What message is the color you’re wearing sending Mandell states that the color black could be telling people that you are lazy or unmotivated, unimaginable, or depressed.

Believe it or not the color you wear affects how you feel. According to color specialist Leatrice Eiseman the color black is associated with aggressiveness. This is where I believe that wearing black can boost a person’s confidence levels. You may not want to start a fight, but that same energetic, go get them attitude can give you a feeling of confidence. I agree with Tuttle that in some cases black is not the appropriate color; for some personalities it is not as flattering but if you’re bold enough it’s the perfect color.

For the softer personalities (including myself) giving up this color may be hard but there are plenty of substitutes; you just have to find out which one fits your personality and style so you can feel confident walking down the street 🙂

This video found on Carol Tuttle’s website discusses how the color black can bring you down if it’s too bold, and what colors you can wear instead.

So don’t throw out ALL your black, but the next time you think about putting it on…think BOLD 😉